About us

The College of Dual Studies was founded at Palestine Polytechnic University in 2022. Its purpose is to enhance the university education experience by combining theoretical learning with practical applications in Palestinian private sector institutions. This unique approach allows students to apply their knowledge at one of the partner institutions, enabling them to deepen their understanding and ensuring effectiveness and success. The college offers dual academic programs and has established several collaboration agreements with specialized institutions and companies to provide students with opportunities for training and real-world experience.

With the support of the German government through the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), Palestine Polytechnic University has introduced dual studies programs. These programs aim to enhance the university experience for students, elevate their professional capabilities, and equip them with the necessary skills for a seamless transition into the job market. By combining practical training with academic knowledge acquired at the university, students can integrate their theoretical understanding with real-world skills and expertise. This integration ultimately expands their employment prospects, contributing to a reduction in the unemployment rate among Palestinian youth. The overarching objective of these programs is to address the needs of the Palestinian labor market and combat unemployment among young Palestinians.

The dual studies program represents a contemporary educational system that intertwines theoretical learning with hands-on practical application throughout the study period. This program follows the highly successful German model, which has gained recognition worldwide.